Automattic Announces Blaze Advertisement Network Of Millions of & Tumblr Sites

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Automattic presented a new ad network called Blaze which places advertising on totally free sites and Tumblr. Marketing starts at $5/month.

Automattic is the company behind, WooCommerce, Akismet, Tumblr and other companies.

It was established by Matt Mullenweg, the entrepreneur who developed the complimentary WordPress open-source content management system (CMS).

Blaze Marketing Network

The marketing network was initially introduced in April 2022 as a network exclusively for Tumblr users to position ads on other Tumblr pages.

Automattic announced that the network is now broadened to bloggers on and WordPress self-hosted publishers who have the Automattic Jetpack WordPress plugin set up.

Publishers on will be able to utilize the WordPress control panel at to get started selecting pages to promote.

Marketing payment is for impressions, not clicks.

Those who are using the WordPress CMS can access Blaze through the Jetpack plugin.

If Jetpack isn’t currently installed then it needs to be installed, either the totally free or premium version works.

Those who are utilizing Jetpack can then begin the project from the control panel at

From there a user navigates to the Posts or the Pages screen and scrolls down to choose the posts or pages for marketing, clicking on a three-dot (ellipsis) menu to pick the Promote with Blaze option.

The interface enables advertisers to choose the audience that will see the ads. Audience choice is segmented by what continent the ads will appear in, what type of devices will see the advertisements (mobile or desktop) and by what topic the ads will be shown in.

Where Blaze

Ads Are Revealed The advertising can appear from among countless Tumblr and free websites. Management of the Blaze advertising campaigns is done through the control panel user interface at

The campaigns are established by an everyday spending plan and by dates that the marketing will be revealed. Blaze advertisements consist of a title, a bit and an image.

According to the Blaze assistance page:”Title: This appears above your image and as bolded text. You can compose an optimum of 80 characters here, use them carefully to record the audience’s attention.

Bit: A brief text description of your post that appears beneath your image. You can write a maximum of 120 characters here. We suggest using this text to support your headline and give audiences more context about what they will see when they click the advertisement and get to your content.

Image: Submit an image to represent your post. You can utilize the crop tool to change your image’s appearance in the ad.”

Read the official statement by Automattic:

Introducing Blaze: A New Way to Spark Your Growth on

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