Google Advertisements Makes It Easy To Switch To Data-Driven Attribution

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Google is making it easy to change to data-driven attribution for Google Advertising campaigns and letting marketers see how it will impact campaigns before changing.

Data-driven attribution is the most-used and default attribution for Google Ads campaigns. Nevertheless, advertisers may be hesitant to change their preferred attribution model due to unpredictability about how it will affect performance.

In a blog post, Google advocates for switching to data-driven attribution, stating marketers usually experience an increase in conversions compared to their current attribution model:

“Advertisers who switch to data-driven attribution from another attribution model typically see a 6% typical boost in conversions. With data-driven attribution, machine learning algorithms assign fractional credit to client touch points which might have previously been undervalued. Smart Bidding can then respond to these opportunities, leading to performance gains.”

To assist more advertisers see similar efficiency gains, Google is bringing more transparency to how data-driven attribution will impact accounts.

Google is introducing a new tool that will offer marketers a clearer understanding of the impacts of data-driven attribution prior to changing to it. The tool is designed to assist advertisers feel more confident about switching attribution designs.

Data-Driven Attribution Simulation Tool

Google is launching a new tool to mimic how automatic bidding would have reacted to data-driven attribution over the past seven days.

Advertisers can use this tool to see how data-driven attribution will impact their accounts prior to giving up their existing attribution design.

Google’s post continues:

“Just like any account modification, knowing what to anticipate is crucial. That’s why we will soon be releasing a simulation tool to eligible marketers that will allow you to see how automatic bidding would have reacted to data-driven attribution over the last 7 days. This will assist you comprehend the effects of data-driven attribution on your account prior to making the switch.”

Data-Driven Attribution For More Ad Types

Google is expanding data-driven attribution to more types of ads, beginning with app conversions and later on including assistance to Discovery advertisements:

“Lastly, we’re continuing to bring data-driven attribution to more advertisers and more ad types. Historically, data-driven attribution has actually supported Search, Shopping, Display and Buy YouTube Subscribers advertisements. We are broadening our support to app conversions and will begin supporting Discovery formats (consisting of those in Performance Max) next year.

We are dedicated to assisting you more properly determine your campaign goals, and to provide you the tools you require to be successful. With continued advancements in artificial intelligence and automation, you can feel more positive using data-driven attribution to deliver favorable marketing results.”

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